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Hi, yeah, I'm Sarah.

I'm the daughter of an Engineer that started his career as an industrial designer and a History Teacher that paints oil canvases. Maybe I was supposed to be a graphic designer for joining the mathematical and artistic side of my parents or maybe I'm just a frustrated rock star. Who knows?



Professionally, I've been a designer for 5 years now between internships and, you know, real jobs. Not so professionally, I started earning money as a "designer" when I was 15 and decided to sell personalised notebook covers to other teenagers on social media. 


I'm good with written words, so I like typography and calligraphy as well. I like ideas as well. I have a good eye for detail and I love good photography - sometimes the hardest part is choosing the best one to illustrate a design. 

I'm good at reading and replying emails, let's talk about something randomly interesting... Or maybe email me if you want me to do a design for you in exchange of money. That would be randomly interesting as well. 

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