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Earn cash online! Yep, for real.

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

I know how it is.

We get home tired from our 9-5 job (mine's 8-6 to be honest) and somedays we don't even want to see any Adobe application ever again, even more when we have a freelancer job to do in the night.

But sometimes we can be inspired and give that old sketchbook a chance. Remember it? It's probably dusty under a pile of other books you were supposed to read a year ago.

I get that random inspiration sometimes too. But I confess these days it has to a massive inspiration to get me out of my tiresome and to actually get me to do something. However, when that idea won't leave me just be lazy, I put it on Society6. What? You don't know Society6? Well, basically, you put your art there and they sell it as a bunch of products and then you get some money back for it.

Yep, some weirdo bought this throw pillow from me.

Ok, I'm not one of those super popular artists that can afford to leave my day job and dedicate myself entirely to Society6, because I just randomly put my things there (inspiration has not been on my side these days), but I can get some money by the end of the day. And for me it's even better: I get that money in US dollars, about 3 times more than what my country's money is worth (real third world problems right here, folks).

From time to time, websites that do the same thing as Society6 email me to put my work in them as well. I fell for one of these websites once. Never again. Why? They don't give me the control over my art that Society6 gives. You can put up and put down your work whenever you want, you get to control your earnings and get to see what's being sold and how much you are getting for them. And, to be honest, Society6 has the best artists and they're always promoting independent art.

I was really into collage when I made this and... people bought it!

Just to be clear, Society6 hasn't paid me one cent to make this post! Haha. So, what about getting some cash online selling things that you did only to pass time or out of boredom? It might take you sometime to earn money, but it's totally worth it.

While you're here, check my store full of weird and not consistent stuff:


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